I am proud to be part of this brilliant collaborative project orchestrated by designer and illustrator Hayley Cantor. The project is a collection of artwork by UK designers & illustrators, about their relationship with money (and the new 5 pound note). The project involves each designer/illustrator designing their own 5er, and nominating another designer they know to do the same. The idea is to express yourself and/or the way you feel about money. The idea that represents my feelings about money is based around the thought that money seems to just fly away as soon as it arrives, and you often have no idea where its gone!! On a bit of a deeper level, its also about how we, as the public, generally only know very little of what our money does when its not in our hands. Where does it go, what is it used for, even what is it made from (as per the new fiver…!), and these birds flying away are meant to kind of reflect this - where are they going, and what will they do when they get there?! We only see part of the whole picture and this illustration is meant to try and show that idea. The whole project can be found at www.5ivers.co.uk.

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